Acoustic Impedance Analysis for Ultrsound Imaging

To better understand the behavior of signals as they are incident upon boundaries of different acoustic impedances, I created a program in C++ with QtDesigner that demonstrates the amplitude and velocity of the reflected pulsed signal. As seen below, the boundaries with greater mismatches in acoustic impedance reflect and pass signals more strongly than boundaries with similiar acoustic impedances. The speed of sound and the acoustic impedance of each medium is encoded in the two color bars at the bottom of the layout image. This allows for rapid intuitive testing of basic echo patterns of pulses incident upon multiple media. The received signal is also recorded in a comma seperated format for easy analysis in 3rd party mathimatical analysis software.

Here is an animated example of the program's visual output.
Notice the different magnitudes of reflections specific to each boundary.

A screenshot of the program during a trial run.
The received echo is stored for further mathematical analysis.