ColorCave for Collision 12

ColorCave is an interactive art installation that was shown at Collision 12. Based on the position, rotation, and pressure of the user's hand, a stereo image (two images that when viewed in a particular way create a 3D scene for the viewer) is produced which can either be viewed directly within the viewport or above it on an LCD by other spectators. Two webcams simulateneosly capture the user's movements and acurately reproduce the color, brightnes, and location in the resulting image.

The images below were taken during the building process and installation. The catalog from the Collision 12 show is also available as a PDF for download.

Simple feasibility tests for the stereo image viewer were constructed with a whole cut into a file folder.

The main enclosure, all painted and ready for electronics.

A microcontroller mounted on the side to control the RGB lighting based on rotation and squeeze pressure from the user's hand.

A view from inside the ColorCave. You can see the two webcams looking at the space, as well as the diffused tri-color LED mounted on a sliding arm to be controlled by the user.

Installed at Collision 12 in the MIT Stata Center.