Home is a shelter from the weather, a refuge from violence, and a place where family and friends gather. But life at home is also often filled with personal responsibilities, pressures, expectations, and burdening complications. In contrast, life at the workplace is often stable, structured, and progressive with clearly defined tasks and goals.

EscHome is a wearable office environment consisting of a chair and a desk that offers the comforts of being at work anytime, anywhere.

The chair and desk are made from light-weight carbon fiber rods, aluminum joining blocks, and a strong matching fabric. The rods are hidden within small zipped pockets and situated along the human body's longest bone, the femur, so that their regidity does not substantially interfere with typical walking or seated movements. The strength to weight ratio of carbon fiber also enables a minimally small and portable structure strong enough to support the human body.

By simply unzipping the pockets and positioning the rods, in under a minute the wearer is surrounded by a familiar office chair and desk; ready to hide away in work and escape the stresses of home.

The images below are from the final presentation. The slides are also available as a PDF for download.

A coulpe weeks later, MIT News wrote up an article on the class including a somewhat goofy picture of me using EscHome.