Particle Simulator Program

Using a proximity box and a force equation proportional to 1/distance, a set of random particles were placed and a boundary velocity condition was imposed. This was intended to mimic a wind tunnel without the extremely detailed and complicated analysis often needed to model this kind of behavior in software. An image with a stationary part, shown in black, served as the object in the wind tunnel and various controls were included to allow for different particle velocities and and densities. Since this application was merely an experiment, I included a significant amount of flexibility in chosing the governing force equations and the number of nearby particles each individual particle took into account. The result was rather intriguing and intuitively pleasing... although I doubt this interesting experiment with fast particle simulation deserves much technical merit.

Here is a screenshot of the program ready to perform a test.

This image shows a velocity map produced after running a typical simulation.
The boundary condition is forcing particles to move from the left to the right side of the image.